– Stand up and speak up for social justice, creator of my own online magic company, as well as, work with designers and models in Wearable Therapy. 

- Selected for lead in High School play. 

Time Management

 – Consistent Honor Roll student actively involved in the arts (dancing, acting, magic) while working part-time. 

- Thorough researcher and organizer. 

Social Media

 – Create my own videos to market my businesses, to entertain and to raise awareness of social issues. 

- Launched successful Instagram with ongoing interactivity. 

Willingness to Learn

 – Consistently take the initiative to become involved in new activities such as rock-climbing, scuba diving, fencing, Instagram, LinkedIn, archery, boating license, dancing, acting, film analytics, comedy etc. 


 – Lived in multiple countries (Czech Rep., U.S, Canada), traveled extensively and have experienced different cultures

- have gone to 5 schools, 

- outgoing in all social environments, comfortable performing. 

- Adapt to the requirements of each teacher/instructor.  

Problem Solving

 – Manage & solve customer care issues with Wearable Therapy, where I take customer feedback and make product improvements. 

- Create magic tricks starting with the end objective and work backwards.  

Innovative & Creative

  – Strive to create a “wow” factor in each one of my assignments or duties.  

Strong Analytical Skills

 – in all aspects of the film & TV industry (critical reception, box office success, production, writing, acting, directing)