About Me

Mission Statement

I am a committed individual whose purpose is to bring laughs and retrospection to the people I interact with. I value determination, creativity, and integrity. I will nurture and protect these values to make sure I live a purposeful and joyful life.  

My Favorite Quote

 “If you can't hide it, highlight it”
These are the words I literally live my life by. I use it when analyzing and thinking about everything I do. I first came across it when practicing magic; there it was applied to methods that were difficult to cover up, but it can be used to explain multiple aspects of life. The phrase is simple and direct, and that is what makes it so poignant.   


Determination: Means to me a firmness of purpose, at a very young age I promised myself to not become just an average person. I wanted to do something good, and have been working towards that for my entire cognitive life.   
Creativity: I love the arts, singing, dancing, snd acting. I use these talents to think outside the box. Sometimes, I will play devils advocate, or take the path less chosen. I’m not afraid to stand up and challenge status quo if I think there is another/better way to do things.    
Integrity: I am an advocate for strict moral codes; I believe that people should set a bar for themselves and continually try to raise it. I truly see these things as being relative, and up to the individual to decide. I mean, who am I to judge what you do and how you do it? However, you must learn how to judge yourself and your actions accordingly, and the way to do that is to create a moral code.   

More About Me


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